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Breast Lift/Mastopexy
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Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. After pregnancy, nursing, significant weight loss, or as you age, you may notice your breast skin loses elasticity and the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. You may also notice your areola (the dark area around the nipple) gets larger. A breast lift removes excess skin to lift the breast and restore a more youthful appearance. Breast tissue volume remains the same but it is lifted and compacted to create a more perky contour. Scars result, but are anatomically positioned to minimize visibility. With time, most patientsí scars will fade and flatten, usually producing a pleasing result.

Occasionally, a breast lift is done in conjunction with breast augmentation. An implant is placed in a pocket directly under the breast tissue or under both the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle. In these instances, implants are used in the same way as a standard breast enlargement, but then the breast itself is lifted in front of the implant to create a more full and lifted breast. The combination of a breast lift with an augmentaion will provide more fulless to the breast over time than a breast lift alone will. You can discuss with Dr. Lehfeldt during your consultation whether you are a good candidate for a combination surgery or a breast lift alone.

Some patients, especially those with relatively minimal sagging, may be candidates for modified procedures requiring less extensive incisions. One such procedure is known as the doughnut mastopexy or concentric mastopexy. During this type of breast lift, a circular incision is made around the areola, and a doughnut-shaped area of skin is removed. This skin removal also lifts the breast tissue to restore a fuller contour.

If you are planning to still have children, it is a good idea to wait until you no longer wish to have any additional children. While there are no special risks that affect future pregnancies (a breast lift usually does not interfere with breast-feeding), pregnancy is likely to engorge and stretch your breasts again and offset the results of your previous breast lift procedure.