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Acne Scar Treatment
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People experience different types of scarring from acne. Therefore, acne scar treatments must be individualized on a case-by-case basis. No single treatment is right for everyone. Getting rid of acne scars is a complex process that often requires the combination of several different techniques.

Superficial imperfections and scarring of the skin can be improved with laser resurfacing, chemical skin peels, and microdermabrasion.

Deeper depressions in the skin can be augmented with fillers injected into the base of the scar. If there are multiple scars, the skin's surface as well as the scars themselves can be improved with a series of Cooltouch laser treatments.

Deeper scars such as ice pick or chicken pox scars can be improved using a punch removal technique where the scars actually are removed and the wound is sutured together which often results in a more acceptable linear or line type scar.

Some scars are discolored: red, purple, or brown. The discoloration can be improved using microdermabrasion techniques as well as topical medications such as Lactic or glycolic acid. A combination of Retin-A and Hydroquinone are often used to improve hyperpigmented or brown blotchy scars.

If the facial scars are raised, instead of indented, they can be improved with interlesional corticosteroids that are injected into a scar tissue. The discoloration as well as red depressed scars can also be improved with Intense Pulse Light Phototherapy.