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Pigmented Lesions
Pigmented lesions appear as darker areas of the skin. Some of the most common are freckles and age spots. These lesions must be carefully evaluated by your Dermatologist to determine if any are cancerous or pre-malignant. We have the most advanced Lasers and medical treatments and techniques available in the United States which can reduce discoloration creating the soft, even skin tone you always remembered.
Before Treatment After Treatment
What causes these lesions?
There are many causes for pigmented lesions. Sun damage is a very common cause, as well as age and simple genetics.
Does it hurt?
The common description of the feeling of the laser is one of a burning sensation and may be uncomfortable for some patients. In those cases, we can give a topical anesthetic to numb the area prior to treatment for a pain-free experience. The procedure is very quick however, and most patients find no need for anesthetic.
How are the lesions removed?
Each lesion is scanned by a laser. After treatment, the lesion will appear darker, then grayish in color. Mild scabbing may occur and they will simply flake off. This leaves a slightly pinkish area which will gradually return to normal.
What are the Costs?
Cost varies depending on the areas treated. Please call our office and we will go over all of the risks and benefits of Laser Resurfacing. Before and after photos of very satisfied patients are available, to show you the beautiful skin that is possible, no matter what your age or skin condition may be.

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